Molitor Brothers Farm

For Investors

A Secure Investment with Steady Returns.

For InvestorsAgricultural land ownership offers a unique opportunity for investors to reap the rewards of a permanent market that benefits us all — food production.

There will always be a need for food, and there will always be a market for tillable land. Owning farmland in America’s heartland is a secure investment with steady returns — currently between four and six percent. Farmland values have trended upward throughout history, making it a great asset to pass on to heirs.

We work with investors to locate valuable farmland, set up lease agreements and manage the property to maximize returns.

Our services include:

  • Finding farmland that will fit the investor’s financial and other objectives.
  • Setting up lease agreements.
  • Managing issues related to property upgrades, such as tile work and waterway care.
  • Monitoring and keeping current with government program changes.
  • Sharing information, including fertilizers applied and yield results, in a comprehensive annual review.
  • Keeping our partners apprised of other farmland investment opportunities.
  • Remaining accessible to landowners to discuss any issues at any time.

Farmland ownership is a way to participate in our food chain globally while reaping the benefits of your investment locally.