Molitor Brothers Farm

What Others Say

small_pics9“The Molitors don’t just go in and take, take, take from your land and not give anything back; with the Molitors, I know my land is well cared for.”
Darin Anderson, Landlord

“The Molitors have been caring for my land for over 20 years. They know what they’re doing, and they’re reliable. I couldn’t be happier with them if I picked them out of a catalogue.”
Sue Vance, Landlord

“It’s their competency that most impresses me. They are efficient, well organized and planned out. They are standard setters in our community.
Bryce Nelson, Agronomist

“I’m a farmer myself, but it sure is nice to work with the Molitors. I get a check at the beginning of the season no matter what happens to the crop. And it’s nice to have them to bounce ideas off too. They’re a great outfit.”
Tom Harris, Landlord/Farmer

“Simply put, the Molitors are good stewards of the land, and good neighbors. They pay attention to the little things, and I consider them friends.”
Tom Noonan, Landlord

We’ve been friends with the Molitors for years and our partnership with them has been great. They are honest and loyal, and never has any ego entered into our relationship. After my father passed away, I often find myself considering what Gene and Charlie would do anytime a decision needs to be made.
Kristina Gustafson, Landlord